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1865 : End of slavery in the United States

On December 6, 1865, eight months after the end of the Civil War, the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibiting slavery throughout the country was ratified.

1907 : Explosion in a mine in West Virginia

On December 6, 1907, an explosion caused by a firedamp occured in a coal mine in Monongah, West Virginia. 362 miners were killed.

1917 : Explosion of ships in Canadian harbour

On December 6, 1917, a French freighter, the Mont Blanc and a Belgian ship, the Imo, both carrying ammunition, collided in the fog in Halifax Harbour in Canada. The resulting explosion blew the surrounding buildings and killed more than 1800 people and injured 8000 others.

1989 : Massacre at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal

On December 6, 1989, a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle bursts at the Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, killing 14 female students and wounded 12 others before killing himself, out of hatred of women. The anniversary of the killing is a national day in Canada: the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women.

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Saint Nicholas Day
December 6 is the Saint Nicholas Day in Eastern and Northern Europe. On this day, we offer gifts and candy to children.
Independance Day in Finland
December 6 is Independence Day in Finland which commemorates its independence gained against Russia on Dec. 6, 1917.

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Stéphane Guillon
If the humor ends where malice starts, it remains nothing for me.

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Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, French physicist and chemist (1778)
Frédéric Bazille, French painter (1841)
William S. Hart, American actor (1864)
Joyce Kilmer, American poet (1886)
Ira Gershwin, American lyricist (1896)
Agnes Moorehead, American actress (1900)
Eve Curie, French writer (1906)
Yekaterina Budanova, Soviet flying ace during the 2nd World War (1916)
Kamal Jumblatt, Libanese politician (1917)
George Porter, English chemist, Nobel Laureate (1920)
Philippe Bouvard, French journalist and radio host (1929)
Shekhar Kapur, Indian director (1945)
Guy Drut, French athlete and politician (1950)
Peter Buck, American musician (R.E.M.) (1956)
Martin Hirsch, French politician (1963)
Stéphane Guillon, French humorist (1963)
Alicia Machado, Venezuelan actress (1976)
Alberto Contador, Spanish cyclist (1982)

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Jean Siméon Chardin, french painter (1779)
Anthony Trollope, English writer (1882)
Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War (1889)
Werner von Siemens, German industrialist and inventor (1892)
Janet Munro, English actress (1972)
Lucienne Boyer, French singer (1983)
Tunku Abdul Rahman, First Prime Minister of Malaysia (1990)
Don Ameche, American actor (1993)
César, French sculptor (1998)
Werner Klemperer, German actor (2000)
Peter Blake, Navigator from New Zealand (2001)
Raymond Goethals, Belgian football coach (2004)

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Choose and cook an artichoke

The artichoke has certain therapeutic properties, vitamins and trace elements, and is easily assimilated.
The choice of an artichoke:
It should be heavy in the hand. Leaves should be bright, brittle, compact and should not detach themselves. The top of the sheets should not be blackened.
The stem has to be removed, preferably by tearing it by hand in order to remove the stringy parts, rather than cut it with a knife.
Wash the artichokes in water with vinegar and salt to remove dirt from between the leaves.
They should be cooked in boiling water. They must be completely immersed for not becoming black. You can also add a little lemon or vinegar to the cooking water to prevent darkening.
The cooking time is 30 to 40 minutes in a pan and 15 minutes in pressure-cooker. They are cooked when the leaves come off easily.
Once cooked, they should be drained upside down.
An artichoke cannot be preserved, it becomes toxic. It should be eaten within 24h.

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