Wednesday 08 February 2023


Sunrise 07:42
Sunset in 17:47

Sunrise 07:40
Sunset in 17:49

Difference :
4 minutes more

Full moon :
07/03 13:41

New moon :
20/02 08:06

12 jours depuis la dernière lune

Es passierte an einem 08 February

1922 : Radio installed at the White House

On 8th february,1922, President Harding had a radio installed at the White House.

1962 : Charonne Massacre

On February 8, 1962, following a wave of bombings by OAS, an anti-OAS demonstration, organized by the Communist Party, was violently suppressed by the police. 9 people were killed.

1983 : Aga Khan's horse, Shergar, stolen

On February 8, 1983, Shergar, a 5-year-old stallion, belonging to the Aga Khan which was worth $13.5 million was stolen in Ireland. The horse has never been found, and the kidnappers have never been identified.

2002 : Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

On February 8th, 2002 the Winter Olympics Games opened in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 234 medals were distributed with 4 for the Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalen who won the gold medal in the 4 races of the discipline.

Zitat des Tages : 08 February

Jules Verne
I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.

Geburtstage : 08 February

Agrippa d'Aubigné, French poet (1552)
Samuel Butler, English poet (1612)
Jacques Cassini, French astronomer (1677)
Charles-Jean-François Hénault, French historian (1685)
Sakuramachi, Emperor of Japan (1720)
William Tecumseh Sherman, American general (1820)
Jules Verne, French writer (1828)
Dmitri Mendeleev, Russian chemist (1834)
Charles Ruggles, American actor (1886)
King Vidor, American director (1894)
William Darby, American World War II Army officer (1911)
Elizabeth Bishop, American poet (1911)
Lana Turner, American actress (1921)
Jack Lemmon, American actor and director (1925)
James Dean, American actor (1931)
John Williams, American composer and conductor (1932)
Nick Nolte, American actor (1941)
Ron Tyson, American singer (The Temptations) (1948)
Mary Steenburgen, American actress (1953)
Bruno Labbadia, German footballer (1966)
Gary Coleman, American actor (1968)
Seth Green, American actor (1974)
Stephen Wright, English footballer (1980)
Carolina Kostner, Italian figure skater (1987)

Sie haben uns verlassen 08 February

Mary, Queen of Scots (1587)
Pierre le Grand, Tsar of Russia (1725)
François Antoine Habeneck, French violinist (1849)
Walther Bothe, German physicist, Nobel laureate (1957)
Robert Robinson, English chemist, Nobel laureate (1975)
Halldór Laxness, Icelandic writer, Nobel laureate (1998)
Ong Teng Cheong, President of Singapore (2002)
Anna Nicole Smith, American model (2007)

Tipp des Tages : 08 February

Nocturnal cough

To soothe dry cough at night, cut an onion into 4 pieces and place them beside your bed. If the cough persists, consult your doctor.

* Warnung

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