Wednesday 03 March 2021


Sunrise 07:05
Sunset in 18:19

Sunrise 07:04
Sunset in 18:20

Difference :
2 minutes more

Full moon :
28/03 19:49

New moon :
13/03 11:22

10 jours depuis la dernière lune

Es passierte an einem 03 March

1845 : Florida became the 27th U.S. State

On March 3, 1845, Florida became the 27th U.S. State. Florida enjoys a subtropical climate. Its capital is Tallahassee and its largest city is Jacksonville.

1861 : Emancipation Manifesto in Russia

On March 3, 1861, Czar Alexander II of Russia signs the Emancipation Manifesto freeing the serfs and giving them full citizenship.

1875 : Premiere of Carmen

On March 3, 1875, the Opera Comique in Paris gave the first performance of Bizet's opera Carmen.

1974 : A plane crashed at Ermenonville

On March 3, 1974, a Turkish Airlines DC 10, en route to London crashed near Paris killing all 346 passengers.

2002 : Switzerland joins the United Nations

On March 3, 2002, after 200 years of neutrality, Switzerland joined the United Nations.

2009 : Attack of the Sri Lankan Cricket national team

On March 3, 2009, 12 men, allegedly Tamil Tigers, attacked the bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team at Lahore in Pakistan. 6 Pakistani policemen and 2 civilians were killed and 6 team members wounded.

Tagesaktualität : 03 March

On March 3, Japan celebrates the Hinamatsuri which can be translated as Girls' Day. On this day, relatives of the girls organize a party for them. For the occasion, the family also released the traditional dolls (hina-ningyo) representing the imperial court of the Heian period.
Liberation Day in Bulgaria
March 3 is the day of the Bulgarian National Day which commemorates the founding of the Bulgarian state in 1878, recognized by the Treaty of San Stefano (Turkey) imposed by Russia to the Ottoman Empire.

Zitat des Tages : 03 March

George Bernard Shaw
Baseball has the great advantage over cricket of being sooner ended.

Geburtstage : 03 March

George Pullman, American inventor (1831)
Alexander Graham Bell, Scottish inventor (telephone) (1847)
Émile Chartier (Alain), French philosopher (1868)
Federico Moreno Torroba, Spanish composer (1891)
Jean Harlow, American actress (1911)
Sameera Moussa, Egyptian nuclear scientist (1917)
Arthur Kornberg, American biochemist, Nobel Prize in Medicine (1918)
Tomiichi Murayama, Prime Minister of Japan (1924)
Ion Iliescu, President of Romania (1930)
Arthur Antunes Coimbra (Zico), Brazilian footballer (1953)
Miranda Richardson, English actress (1958)
Jackie Joyner-Kersee, American athlete (1962)
Raúl Alcalá, Mexican cyclist (1964)
Brian Cox, British physicist (1968)
Julie Bowen, American actress (1970)
Victoria Zdrok, Ukrainian model (1973)
Ronan Keating, English singer (1977)
Albert Jorquera, Spanish footballer (1979)
Jessica Biel, American actress (1982)

Sie haben uns verlassen 03 March

Johann Pachelbel, German composer (1706)
Nicola Porpora, Italian composer (1768)
Lou Costello, American actor (1959)
Paul Wittgenstein, Austrian pianist (1961)
Georges Remi (Hergé), Belgian comics writer (1983)
Danny Kaye, American actor and singer (1987)
Carlos Montoya, Flamenco guitarist (1993)
Marguerite Duras, French writer (1996)
Gerhard Herzberg, German chemist, Nobel laureate (1999)
Horst Buchholz, German actor (2003)

Tipp des Tages : 03 March

To give medecine to a baby

To give medecine to a baby who refuses to take it with a spoon, try to put it in a baby bottle nipple and let your child drink, in the same position as to bottle-feed.

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