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1660 : First actress to appear in public in England

Margaret Hughes became the first actress to appear in public in England.
She played Desdemona in Shakespeare's Othello.

1941 : Declaration of war from the U.S. and China to Japan

The United States and the Republic of China declare war against Japan.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt : December 7 will be "a day which will live in infamy"

1960 : French Military Programme Act

First military programme act : it provides for the creation and financing of the French nuclear strike force

1965 : Race Relations Act in England

This new Race Relations Act is enacted. It forbids any discrimination on the "grounds of colour, race, or ethnic or national origins" in public places.

1980 : John Lennon Killed

Peace activist and singer John Lennon was killed at the Dakota Building in New York by a hospital worker from Honolulu named Chapman.
On the 8 december, he had a shooting with photographer Annie Leibovitz, an interview on the RKO Radio Network and spent several hours at the Record Plant Studio.

1987 : The First Intifada begins

The First Intifada (1987 - 1993), a Palestinian popular uprising against Israel begins in Jabalia refugee camp and spreads to the West Bank and Gaza areas. The Intifada ("shaking off") is at first a spontaneous civilian outburst which incited the Palestinian people to erect barricades, to throw Molotov cocktails grenades and stones at the occupying Israeli soldiers. It is also civil disobedience, general strikes and boycotts on Israeli products.

1987 : Agreement on nuclear weapons

Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev sign an historic agreement to reduce the size of their nuclear weapons.

1992 : Operation Restore Hope in Somalia

Operation Restore Hope, a United Nations operation leaded by the US begins. The operation was planned to prevent a humanitarian disaster.

2009 : Bombings in Baghdad

Bombings in Baghdad killed 127 and injured 448

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Bodhi Day in Japan
8 december is the Buddhist holiday which commemorates the day that the Buddha reached enlightenment
Festival of Lights (Lyon)
This uniquely Lyonnaise tradition says that peaple are to put candles on the outsides of their windows.

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Victor Hugo
On a renoncé à me demander l'autorisation de dire mes Oeuvres sur les théâtres. On les dit partout sans me demander la permission. On a raison. Ce que j'écris n'est pas à moi. Je suis une chose publique.

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Georges Méliès, French filmmaker (1861)
Georges Feydeau, French playwright (1862)
Camille Claudel, French sculptor (1864)
Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer (1865)
Lee J Cobb, Actor (1911)
Sammy Davis, Jr., Singer, Dancer, Actor (1925)
Maximilian Schell, Swiss-Austrian actor (1930)
Dharmendra, Indian actor (1935)
Jim Morrison, Singer (1943)
Thomas R. Cech, American chemist, Nobel laureate (1947)
Kim Basinger, Actress (1953)
Teri Hatcher, Actress (1964)
Sinéad O'Connor, Irish musician (1966)
Matthew Laborteaux, Actor (Albert-Little House on Prairie) (1966)
Dominic Monaghan, Actor (1976)
Sébastien Chabal, Rugbyman (1977)
John Oster, Welsh footballer (1978)
Anwar Siraj, Ethiopian footballer (1978)
Christian Wilhelmsson, Swedish footballer (1979)
Daniel Fitzhenry, Australian rugby player (1979)
Halil Altintop, Turkish footballer (1982)
Hamit Altintop, Turkish footballer (1982)
Greg Halford, English footballer (1984)

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Benjamin Constant, Swiss writer (1830)
Thomas de Quincey, English Writer (1859)
Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel (1978)
John Lennon, Singer, Song writer (1980)

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Scare the cat flea

To scare the cat flea, before using DDT, use fresh mint leaves.
Fleas hate mint and you may put some on places used by your cat (or dog).
You can also infuse the mixed leaves in a cup of boiling water and put the mixture in a spray after cooling.
Then you spray on your hands and gently rub your cat. Please don't try to make your pet drink the brew. It wouldn't be easy anyway.

* Warnung

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