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1936 : Abdication of King Edward VIII

On December 11, 1936, the British monarchy is experiencing a constitutional crisis. Edward VIII abdicated in favor of his brother, Albert, Duke of York, who became king as George VI. Edward VIII pays for his six-year love affair with a twice divorced American commoner, Wallis Simpson. Removed from power, Edward was then free to marry the woman he loved.

1946 : Creation of the UNICEF

The UN created the United Nations Children's Fund, called "UNICEF". The UNICEF's mission is to defend children's rights, help them for their basic needs and give them more opportunities to be fully developped. It focuses on improving health, nutrition, education and hygiene.
As part of this program for children, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child is adopted by the General Assembly in 1959, followed thirty years later by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

1972 : Last landing on the moon

In 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon - "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.".
Three years after this historic event, the Apollo program signed its sixth and final mission that took a man on the moon. It was also the most scientifically rich mission, with a geologist, three spacewalks and the collect of 110 kilograms of lunar rocks.

1981 : 900 killed in a massacre in El Salvador

The Salvadoran forces killed over 900 people in an anti-guerrilla in the village of El Mozote and surrounding areas.

1994 : First Chechen War

Russian President Boris Yeltsin orders troops into Chechnya.

2008 : Bernard Madoff arrested

Bernard Madoff is arrested and charged with a $50 billion fraud

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National Day of the Democratic People's Republic of Burkina Faso
National Day
International Mountain Day
In 2010 the International Mountain Day theme is "Mountain Minorities and Indigenous Peoples"

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Woody Allen
Quand j'ai été kidnappé, mes parents ont tout de suite agi : ils ont loué ma chambre.

Geburtstage : 11 December

Hector Berlioz, French composer (1803)
Alfred de Musset, French writer (1810)
Robert Koch, Physician, Biologist (1843)
Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer (1863)
Max Born, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (1882)
Naguib Mahfouz, Egyptian writer (1911)
Jean Marais, Actor (1913)
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian writer (1918)
Jean-Louis Trintignant, French Actor (1930)
Rita Moreno, Puerto Rican singer (1931)
Jim Harrison, American Writer (1937)
Enrico Macias, Auteur, compositeur et interprète algérien (1938)
John Kerry, American politician (1943)
Teri Garr, American actress (1947)
Jermaine Jackson, Singer (1954)
Rachel Portman, English composer (1960)
Gary Dourdan, Actor (1966)
Arya, Indian actor (1980)

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Kōkaku, Emperor of Japan (1840)
Charles Émile Picard, Mathematician (1941)
Maurice "Mac" McDonald, Fast-food pioneer (1971)
Vincent du Vigneaud, American biochemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1978)
Betty Page, American pin-up (2008)

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Managing jet lag

- Set your watch to the arrival time as soon as you board the plane
- Upon arrival, take a nap for an hour or two
- Try to take immediately the pace of the country

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