Key to the City

Distance as the crow flies : 6429 km
Jet Lag : - 6h
Airports :
- JFK International Airport (JFK)
- Newark Liberty Airport (EWR)
- La Guardia Airport (LGA)




  • Valid biometric or electronic passport, or optical scanning individual passport valid (valid for 6 months after the return date not required for the United States).

  • ESTA electronic travel authorisation valid for 2 years or until expiry of passport. Form to complete and pay by credit card at least 72 hours before departure on the official website:

  • Presentation of a return ticket required.

  • Stay of 90 days max.

  • Proof of financial responsibility (credit card, traveller’s checks...).

Information on obtaining a visa:

Time & Weather

Wet and hot summers, cold and snowy winters, spring (from mid-April) and autumn are the most pleasant periods.


The currency is the U.S. Dollar ($)
- Coins: 1 cent (penny), 5 cents (nickel), 10 cents (dime), 25 cents (quarter), $1.
- Notes: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and $100
Also a few $2 bills which are dear to collectors.


Country code = 1
City code = Manhattan: 212 (also 646 and 917)

  • Call from New York to France: 001 + 33 (or +33) followed by the destination number without the first 0 = 9 digits (1 00 00 00 00).
  • Calling New York from abroad: 00 1 (or +1) + area code 212 + destination number.


110-115 volts and 60Hz
Take a flat-pin power adapter.

Getting to the city centre from the airport

  • JFK International Airport (JFK)
    Located on Long Island in south-eastern Queens, 26km from the centre of Manhattan.
    The Ground Transportation Desk near the baggage conveyor belt provides all the information on transportation to Manhattan.

    AIR TRAIN JFK: from the Long Island Rail Road provides connections between the Jamaica-Sutphin Blvd-JFK Airport, which joins the north of the island of Manhattan in an hour's drive.

    LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD: getting to Penn Station in 25 minutes.

    BUS: many are available at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, New Jersey Transit and the Grand Central Terminal

    TAXI: Take the Yellow Cabs only. Many drivers without official licences approach passengers on leaving the terminal.


    Every 20 mins, Bus Express provides a route to and from all airports in New York City and Grand Central Station in the heart of Manhattan. From there, the Go Airlink Shuttle buses take over and serve most of the hotels in Midtown (between 33rd and 57th street).
    Online reservations:

    Possibility to book online, or call the 24/7 shuttlebus service from the Ground Transportation Desk for a minibus ride to Manhattan, leaving the three airports in New York City every 15/30 minutes. Journeys to airports are also possible.

  • Newark Liberty Airport (EWR)
    Located in New Jersey, 18 miles from Manhattan

    NEWARK AIR TRAIN: This monorail train can reach the Amtrak rail network and New Jersey Transit.

    These buses leave every 20 minutes to Grand Central and Penn Station in Manhattan with hotel drop-off locations between 23rd and 63rd Street

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  • La Guardia Airport (LGA)
    Domestic airport, located in northern Queens

    MTA BUS: These lines serve Manhattan through Queens, where a connection is possible with the metro (station Astoria Boulevard and 31st Street).

Other destinations
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