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L'Annonciade - Musée de Saint-Tropez

l'annonciade - musée de saint-tropez
Formerly known as Notre Dame of the Annunciation, the museum is located on the port of Saint-Tropez. The building was built in 1568 and refurbished in 1937. It represents one of the most interesting collections of paintings of the coast, consisting, inter alia, by the works of Raoul Dufy, Henry Matisse, Georges Seurat, Maurice Denis and André Dunoyer de Segonzac. The artistic period described ranges from 1890 to 1950. The works is primarily a reflection on color and figuration. The movements are basically worked pointillism, the nabisme and Fauvism. The museum raised the fact that Saint-Tropez is one of the main core of the avant-garde painting of the early twentieth century. The museum is furnished with a documentation center, a library and a card shop to complete the curiosity aroused by the visit.
It also has a garden open to the public for a moment of relaxation.

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