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Museum of Provençal Art and history

musée d'art et d'histoire de provence
The first Fragonard Museum, currently the Museum of Provençal Art and History, saw the day in 1921 thanks to the stubbornness of a Bourguignon become a Grassois at heart through his marriage to Valentine Chiris, daughter of the time's biggest perfumer.

François Carnot, the descendant of a long lineage of scientists, son of the president, already boasts a personal fortune, contacts, and museum experience, having participated in the creation of the centenary museums and heading the Central Union of Decorative Arts in Paris.

Seduced by the handsome building situated between the garden and the street, degraded by its successive owners, Francois Carnot launches a public petition to purchase the building so as to install a regional museum dedicated to publicizing the rich ethnographic, historical, and artistic patrimony of eastern Provence, from prehistory to the current day.

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