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Valbonne (06560)

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photo Valbonne

Valbonne (06560)

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The city of Valbonne consists of very distinct areas: the medieval village of Valbonne and Sophia Antipolis technology park at the forefront of technology, often compared to the U.S. Silicon Valley.

Valbonne village

Valbonne village is a peaceful place where the good life and friendliness express themselves. Life on this land has been developed very early. Traces of human presence dating back to prehistory have been found. Later, the Romans also settled there as evidenced by fragments of objects from this period. The ruins of the aqueduct which supplied the town of Antibes also attest to their presence.

On the twelfth century, a monastery was built in Valbonne, held by the monks of the order of Chalais. After the fall of the Chalaisien order, the abbey was given to the monks of Lérins by the Bishop of Grasse. They made ​​it a priory.

Unfortunately, plague and widespread looting ravaged the town and drove the inhabitants to flee. This is only on the beginning of the sixteenth century that the village revived, thanks to Augustin de Grimaldi, then bishop of Grasse. He urged residents of neighboring villages to settle again in Valbonne and to rebuild themselves the village near the abbey.

The new village was built in a form of Roman rectangular plan. The houses that are on the outside were used as walls, therefore they did not have doors on the outside. Today the old village of Valbonne still has this form.

The village was then developed slowly, living from cultivation of olive trees and flowers such as roses and jasmine for the perfume industry. Servan growing, a late grape, that is kept fresh by soaking it in water for a while, was a big production of Valbonne.

Lifestyle and Technology

Today, Valbonne is a village that perfectly combines heritage and technology of the modern world. The village has retained its appearance. It is a pleasant walk during which we discover potteries and glassware. Cultural activity is also well developed. Valbonne is the place that annually hosts the Critics' Week during the Cannes Film Festival, and many galleries hold exhibitions.

The technopolis of Sophia Antipolis contributes greatly to the attractiveness of the town of Valbonne. Founded in 1968, the technology has a remarkable contemporary architecture with the help of many renowned architects.

One of the greatest strengths of Sophia-Antipolis is the setting that is given to scientists. The harmonious buildings fit perfectly into the lush area.

There are now more than 1,400 companies and 30,000 jobs in Sophia-Antipolis.




Création Boselli
Jean-Pierre Boselli is an exceptional artisan who creates unique pieces made of precious woods such as Purpleheart, Amarello, Rosewood, Ebony and of course Olive wood. Originally from Grasse, Jean-Pierre set up his atelier ...


La Galerie – Master glassmaker in Valbonne
La Galerie – Master glassmaker Ada Loumani in Valbonne Works suspended in matter Ada Loumani Master Glassmaker L.A. Galerie Place de l'Eglise 06560 VALBONNE Tel 04 93 12 ...
City hall of Valbonne sophia antipolis

Maire de Valbonne sophia antipolis (canton de Le bar-sur-loup) : Monsieur DAUNIS Marc.
City population : 11244 inhabitants.
Contact information :
1 place de l'Hôtel de ville, BP 109, 06560 VALBONNE SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS
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