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La Brigue returns to the Middle Ages

La Brigue returns to the Middle Ages

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Every year for one weekend only, the medieval village of La Brigue returns to the time of knights and troubadours. In 2012, this weekend event will take place on the 14-15 July with the theme of “The Lascaris Era”.

For two days, the village lives likes it’s in the Middle Ages - cars are no longer allowed on roads, which are given over to horses, knights, flag spinners, archers and troubadours. Everybody is getting involved so this is sure to be the best celebration yet. If you happen to be in the area, and want to taste the special atmosphere for yourself, costumes are available for hire.

Practical info: Sunday 15 July, a special Train des Merveilles departs from Nice.

The programme:

Saturday 14 July:
20.30: Castle Esplanade – la Brigue celebrates Eudoxie Lascaris
21.45: Torch Procession
22.15: Place de l’église – Medieval Soirée, song and dance from the Middle Ages.

Sunday 15 July:
09.30: The Drums of la Brigue – Camp opening to the public
10.00: Castle Esplanade – Archery competition
10.45: Place vieille – Rendez-vous at la Taverne
11.30: Place de l’église – Maison du patrimoine – Grand Parade
12.30: Meal with entertainment under the marquee
13.45: Medieval games for children
14.30: Place Casali – Street theatre
15.15: La Brigue celebrates Eudoxie Lascaris and her Byzantine guard
16.00: Castle combats
17.00: Final procession

And from 09.30 to 17.30, there will be plenty of street shows taking place…


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