It happened one 05 March

1946 : Churchill Speech on communism

On March 5, 1946, Winston Churchill made a speech condemning Soviet expansionism in Europe and spoke for the first time of the "Iron Curtain", a term that would be included in the current language.

1966 : Plance Crash on Mount Fuji

On 5 March 1966, a BOAC Boeing 707 crashed on Mount Fuji in Japan, killing all 124 people on board.

1982 : Venera 14

On February 5, 1982, the Soviet probe Venera 14 entered the atmosphere of Venus and landed on the planet where the temperature was 465 ° C.

1999 : P4 laboratory

On March 5, 1999, the P4 laboratory in Lyon was inaugurated. A P4 laboratory contains the most dangerous viruses and microbes in the world which can be combated neither by vaccines nor by medical treatment.

Quote of the day : 05 March

Joseph Stalin
The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.

Birthdays : 05 March

Howard Pyle, American illustrator (1853)
Olav Bjaaland, Norwegian skier (1873)
Heitor Villa-Lobos, Brazilian composer (1887)
Rex Harrison, English actor (1908)
Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italian director (1922)
James Sikking, American actor (1934)
Dean Stockwell, American actor (1936)
Felipe González, Prime Minister of Spain (1942)
Murray Head, English singer (1946)
Alan Clark, English musician (Dire Straits) (1952)
Julien Dray, French politician (1955)
Andy Gibb, Australian singer (1958)
MC Solaar, French rapper (1969)
Eva Mendes, American actress (1974)
Jake Lloyd, American actor (1989)

They left us one 05 March

Clément Ader, French aviation pioneer (1926)
David Dunbar Buick, Founder of the Buick Motor Company (1929)
Max Jacob, French poet and writer (1944)
Sergei Prokofiev, Russian composer (1953)
Joseph Stalin, Soviet politician (1953)
Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iranian Prime Minister (1967)
John Belushi, American actor (1982)
William Powell, American actor (1985)
Cyril Collard, French director (1993)
Gregg Hansford, Australian motorcycle racer (1995)

Tip of the Day : 05 March

Dangerous foods for dogs

Here are some of the foods which are toxic to dogs :
- Onions: destruction of red blood cells
- Apricots, Cherries, Peaches, Pears, Plums: cyanogenic glycosides in the seeds or kernels
- Avocado : Persine which causes damage to the heart and lungs
- Garlic: the toxin is thiosulfate, dangerous in large quantities
- Egg white: the toxin is avidin (destroys the vitamin B8, which is used in the metabolism of proteins and fats)
- Chocolate: the toxin is theobromine : it is a cardiac stimulant very dangerous for dogs and cats
- Xylitol Candy: cause liver damage
- Bread crumbs: abdominal pain
- Grapes : renal
- Coffee: cardiac stimulant dangerous for some dogs

We must remember that pets are often greedies but they do not know what is good or not for them.

* Warning

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