Es passierte an einem 23 November

1940 : Romania joined the Axis forces

On November 23, 1940, three days after Hungary, Romania joined the forces of the Axis: Germany, Italy and Japan. Romania had established a fascist regime, with anti-Jewish laws, in 1937.

1954 : The Dow Jones returns to the level it had before the crash of 29

On November 23, 1954, after 25 years, the New York Stock Exchange recovers the level it had before the 1929 crash.

1963 : Lyndon B. Johnson became president

On November 23, 1963, Lyndon B. Johnson became president of the United States in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination.

1979 : Mountbatten's murderer convicted

On November 23, 1979, the IRA member Thomas McMahon, the murderer of Lord Mountbatten and of three other people, was sentenced to life imprisonment. The Mountbatten's fishing boat had exploded 3 month earlier, killing him and three family members including his 14-year-old grand-son. That same day the IRA had attacked British paratroopers in Northern Ireland, killing 18 of them.

1980 : Earthquake in southern Italy

On November 23, 1980, at 19:34, an earthquake of magnitude 6.89 on the Richter scale hit Eboli, south of Naples. 3000 people were killed and 300,000 others left homeless.

1985 : Hijacking of an airplane in Greece

On November 23, 1985, EgyptAir flight 648 was hijacked shortly after takeoff from Athens by terrorists from the Palestinian organization Abu Nidal. The plane was forced to land in Malta. Negotiations went wrong and the terrorists started killing passengers. 2 days later, the Egyptian forces stormed the aircraft. 56 passengers and two crew members were killed.

2001 : Signature of the Convention on Cybercrime

On November 23, 2001, members of the Council of Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and South Africa signed the Convention on Cybercrime, in Budapest, Hungary. The Convention also raised the problem of balance between the pursuit of cybercriminals and respect for privacy.

2006 : Death of former Russian spy Litvinenko

On November 23, 2006, former KGB spy Litvinenko, Putin opponent claiming to have evidence implicating the Russian government in the assassination of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, died from polonium-210 poisoning in a London hospital.

Zitat des Tages : 23 November

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Geburtstage : 23 November

Pierre Charles Le Monnier, French astronomer (1715)
Gracchus Babeuf, French revolutionary (1760)
Johannes van der Waals, Dutch physicist, Nobel Prize (1837)
William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid), American outlaw (1859)
Hjalmar Branting, Swedish politician, Nobel Peace Prize (1860)
Konstantin Korovin, Russian painter (1861)
Manuel de Falla, Spanish composer (1876)
Boris Karloff, English actor (1887)
Harpo Marx, American comedian (1888)
Nelson S. Bond, American writer (1908)
Michael Gough, English actor (1916)
José Napoleón Duarte, Salvadoran politician (1925)
Guy Davenport, American writer (1927)
Robert Towne, American screenwriter (1934)
Franco Nero, Italian actor (1941)
Jean-Pierre Foucault, French TV presenter (1947)
Chantal Nobel, French actress (1948)
Francis Cabrel, French singer (1953)
Steven Brust, American writer (1955)
Maxwell Caulfield, English actor (1959)
Vincent Cassel, French actor (1966)
Asafa Powell, Jamaican sprinter (1982)
Emma Daumas, French singer (1983)
Miley Cyrus, American singer and actress (1992)

Sie haben uns verlassen 23 November

Agnolo di Cosimo (Bronzino), Italian painter (1572)
Richard Hakluyt, English writer (1616)
Claude Lorrain (Le Lorrain), French painter (1682)
Jean-Baptiste Jourdan, French Marshal (1833)
Sessue Hayakawa, Japanese actor (1973)
André Malraux, French writer (1976)
Merle Oberon, English actress (1979)
Roald Dahl, English writer (1990)
Klaus Kinski, German actor (1991)
Louis Malle, French director (1995)
Alexander Litvinenko, Russian spy (2006)
Philippe Noiret, French actor (2006)
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