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photo Cannes

Cannes (06400)

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photo Cannes

Cannes (06400)

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photo Cannes

Cannes (06400)

photo Cannes

Cannes (06400)

photo Cannes

Cannes (06400)

photo Cannes

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Туристическая информация

Информация о городах Лазурный берег Cannes - info tourisme Cannes Cфte d'Azur
Cannes is a common French located in the department of the Alpes-Maritimes and the area Provence-Alpes-Cфte d'Azur to 36 km of Nice, 55 km of Monaco and with 60 km of the Italian border. It is the third city of the department by its population. During the Festival of film, the Cannes-native population (67 406 inhabitants) exceeds the 160.000 habitants. So Cannes could develop in margin of its Festival of film.


The port of Cannes view of the famous Boulevard de la Croisette
In the Middle Ages Cannes was a feudal depency of the Lйrins monastery. Until the early 19th century, Cannes remained a small agricultural and fishing village with the highest density of population on Le Suquet hill. Beginning in the 1830s, foreign and French aristocrats built holiday homes in the area, gradually turning Cannes into a resort town.
The man responsible for Cannes' growth is Lord Henry Peter Brougham (1778–1868). A respected and talented British politician in his time, he discovered Cannes in 1834 on his way to Italy. Having bought land to the west of the Suquet hill, now the entrance to the city, Brougham used his many contacts in French politics to help develop the rest.
The development of the coastal village encouraged enterprise and a tramway, the Tramway de Cannes opened in 1899, Cannes Station opened in 1863.


Cannes lies on the Cфte d'Azur within easy reach of the Maritime Alps. It is noted for its gorgeous sandy beaches which are mainly open to the public for a fee, particularly as one moves west to Cannes La Bocca.

Places and monuments:

The edge of sea, with its famous Boulevard de la Croisette , is one of its important tourist assets, as well as the islands of Lйrins, off the coast, which belong to the commune.
Cannes is also universally known for its Festival of being held film each year semi May. The palate of the festivals is a mythical place of this marvellous city. In the same way it is necessary to underline the presence of sumptuous luxury hotels on the Small cross such as Intercontinental Carlton Hotel, Martinez Hotel, Majestic Hotel or Stephanie Palace (old Noga Hilton)…
One can also quote like remarkable buildings:

  • the castle and the tower of Castrates it, in Suquet, which shelter now the Museum of Castrates and which dominate the city. At side are the Notre-Dame church of the Hope and the vault Holy-Anne.

  • the town hall.

Cannes Film Festival:

The Cannes Film Festival, founded in 1946 pennies the aegis of Jean Zay and called until 2002 the international Festival of film, became with the passing of years the festival of cinema more mediatized in the world , and its influence did not cease growing thanks to the media and sponsors present for the event, in particular at the time of the opening ceremony and the traditional rise of the steps: the famous red carpet and its twenty four “steps of glory” . In spite of this prestige, the Festival was often criticized, and it was at the origin of several scandals or controversies which magazines and newspapers, French and foreigners relayed.
Each year, during the second fortnight of May, the town of Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes) is invaded by scenario writers and catch of attack by thousands of photographers. It is with the Palais des Festivals et des Congrиs, located on the boulevard of the Small cross, that principal projections take place.
Parallel to the Festival with the passing of years, several sections were created. Among them, one finds the Fortnight, Cinйfondation, the Week of criticism, a Certain Glance, and especially the Market of film of Cannes, the first in the world, in importance. During these festivities, the occasion is given to the many producers and distributors present on the spot to find partners for the financing of their projects of films, or to sell already turned works with the distributors and televisions of the whole world.
Although it initially had the appearance of a tourist and fashionable demonstration , the Festival was created to reward best film, or the best actor and best the actress. However, with the passing of years, other prices appeared and came to be added with Cannes-native prestige, like the price of the jury, and especially the gold Palm.

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Cannes lies on the Cфte d'Azur within easy reach of the Maritime Alps. It is noted for its gorgeous sandy beaches which are mainly public, particularly as one moves west to Cannes La Bocca.

Between Festivals and major events, Cannes lives to the beat of the arts year around, thanks to the many organizations contributing to its reputation and teaching. Cannes Municipal Music and Drama Conservatoire promote the awakening and introduction to music since the age of three years old for viola, violin and cello students and since five years old for those registered to musical awakening.




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Туристический офис

SEMEC Palais des Festivals - 1, La Croisette
BP 272
06403 Cannes Cedex
Tйl : 04 92 99 84 22
Fax : 04 92 99 84 23


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Мэрия города

Maire de Cannes (canton de Cannes (3 cantons)) : Monsieur BROCHAND Bernard.
Население города : 68214 жители.
Расположение :
1 place Bernard Cornut-Gentile, BP 140, 06400 CANNES
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