Friday 19 July 2019


Sunrise 06:10
Sunset in 21:03

Sunrise 06:11
Sunset in 21:03

Difference :
-1 minute less

Full moon :
15/08 14:30

New moon :
01/08 05:12

13 jours depuis la dernire lune

19 July

1898 : Emile Zola fled France

On July 19, 1898, Emile Zola fled France to escape a 1-year sentence in jail for libel. The writer had published an article in defense of Alfred Dreyfus, an officer unjustly condemned for spying and not rehabilitated by the army when it had proof of his innocence. The article published under the title J'accuse ...! Letter to the President of the Republic, in the newspaper l'Aurore, on January 13, 1898, had a huge impact. Zola was pardoned a year later and was able to return to France. He died in 1902 and never knew the news of the rehabilitation of Dreyfus en1906.

1900 : Opening of the Paris Metro Line 1

On July 19, 1900, on the occasion of the Exposition Universelle, the Paris Metro Line 1 is open to the public. It made the connection between Porte Maillot and Porte de Vincennes.

1903 : Arrival of the first Tour de France

On July 19, 1903, the first Tour de France ended in Paris at the Parc des Princes with a victory lap. The Tour was won by Maurice Garin in 94 hours 33 minutes and 14 seconds. The 21 cyclists who complete the Tour traveled 2428km in 6 steps.

1942 : Raid of Nancy

On July 19, 1942, a raid is planned for 385 Jews to be arrested in Nancy. 32 people were actually arrested. The others were sent in the free zone with passes or were hidden in private homes by the department of foreigners of the police headquarters in Nancy. The head of the service, Edward Vigneron, informed the day before the raid, had organized the rescue with his men.

1985 : Disaster in Tesero

On July 19, 1985, an earth dam broke down above the small town of Tesero, north eastern Italy. 268 people were killed by 160 000 cubic meters of mud rushing down up to 90km/h. The cause of the accident was poor maintenance of the dam.

: 19 July

Emile Zola
If you shut up truth, and bury it underground, it will but grow.

: 19 July

Samuel Colt, American firearms inventor (1814)
Edgar Degas, French painter (1834)
Vladimir Mayakovsky, Russian poet (1893)
A. J. Cronin, Scottish writer (1896)
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, American physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (1921)
George McGovern, American politician (1922)
Jayant Narlikar, Indian astrophysicist (1938)
Han Sai Por, Singaporean sculptor (1943)
Brian May, English musician (Queen) (1947)
Abel Ferrara, American director (1951)
Campbell Scott, American actor (1961)
Anthony Edwards, American actor (1962)
Mathieu Blanc-Francard (Sinclair), French musician (1970)
Luke Young , English footballer (1979)
Jared Padalecki, American actor (1982)
Diana Mocanu, Romanian swimmer (1984)
Diana Mocanu, Romanian swimmer (1984)

Ils nous ont quitt un 19 July

Ptrarque, Italian poet and humanist (1374)
Margaret Fuller, American writer (1850)
Yekaterina Budanova, Fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force (1943)
Syngman Rhee, First president of South Korea (1965)
Alain Bombard, French biologist (2005)

: 19 July

Protect tomato plants

To get beautiful tomatoes, tomato plants should be protected from the heat in order to keep a constant humidity. For this, we can put moss or a mulch. If you put the mulch, it should be changed regularly to avoid mold.


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