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Capital of cinema, city of stars and luxury… Cannes is known throughout the world today thanks to its International Film Festival. As the third largest town in the region in demographic terms, after Nice and Antibes, this town offers a wide variety of tourist and cultural activities. With your feet dipped in the sea, Cannes is also a renowned seaside resort where the sun (practically) always shines. However, the town’s assets do not stop there. Its history gives it a characteristic identity. You can see elaborate architecture, and there are mysteries too, such as the man in the iron mask...


What is now Cannes Bay was originally marshland. Nobody at the time would have thought of building a town there. Yet... in the Middle Ages, fishermen and monks settled on the Îles de Lérins (Lérins Islands) – see below – and on the site of Le Suquet (see below), up on high where the old town is now to be found. It was only in the Nineteenth Century that the town started to make a name for itself. Lord Henry Brougham, First Baron Brougham and Vaux, Lord Chancellor of England, decided to settle there. He had sumptuous residences built and thus attracted the aristocracy from England and all over Europe. Cannes swiftly became a prestigious destination on the Riviera. However, its international fame only came in the Twentieth Century with the Film Festival.


It is impossible to talk about Cannes without mentioning its famous Film Festival and the Palme d’Or, a veritable emblem of the town. The festival which was founded in 1946, is one of the most famous cinematographic events in the world. The biggest names in the profession take turns in appearing in the second half of May. The event attracts so many people that the town’s population triples at this time. The Festival takes place mainly in the Palais des Festivals, at the end of La Croisette.

Film Festival is not the only large event in Cannes. Other festivals punctuate life in the town, whether this be the MIDEM or the MIPCAM..., which are significant events for music and television professionals. There is also the International Pyrotechnic Art Festival, The International Games Festival, the International Dance Festival, the Pantiero festival, the Cannes Golf Festival, the Cannes Shopping Festival, and the list goes on...


Le Suquet is the oldest district in Cannes and it is there that you will find the old town. Perched as it is on a hilltop, the village was protected from invasion by sea. At its peak, the Eleventh Century castle provides a panoramic view of Cannes bay. You can also see La Tour de la Castre (Castre Tower) and a church dedicated to sailors and fishermen.


The main shopping street in Cannes has to be Rue d’Antibes. Running parallel to La Croisette, this road is home to all sorts of boutiques.
The town also has several markets you just cannot miss, such as the Forville Market behind the town hall. This market offers all kinds of fresh high-quality products and it is not unusual to run into cooks seeking out the best ingredients. As for the Gambetta Market near the station, it offers all sorts of things. In addition to vegetables of the region, you can find clothing, shoes and accessories, etc.


The town has several museums, such as the Musée de la Castre (Castre Museum), the "Malmaison", the Musée de la Mer (Museum of the Sea), the Espace Miramar, La Villa Domergue, etc.

For gambling enthusiasts, Cannes also has three casinos: the Palm Beach at the end of La Croisette; Casino de la Croisette and the Casino Les Princes.


There are many restaurants for all tastes and sizes of wallet. Amongst others, the little road which leads up to Le Suquet has several nice choices with a charming atmosphere.


One essential excursion has got to be the îles de Lérins (Lérins Islands) which, with Le Suquet, comprise the origins of the town of Cannes. Taking the boat at Cannes Port, you can quickly reach the two islands which are very closeby off the coast.

The first and largest island is "île Sainte Marguerite". It is home to Fort Royal, a real fortress dating back to the Middle Ages. Inside, you will find a small village, even though today most of the buildings have been converted into accommodation for associations... There is also a little chapel and above all, a prison. This historic building is renowned for having housed a prestigious inmate: the man in the iron mask. Today, visitors may visit part of the prison, including his room, whilst the rest of the building accommodates the Musée de la Mer (Museum of the Sea). This museum shows the flora and fauna around the islands and Cannes Bay, as well as giving a glimpse at discoveries made during the underwater archaeological excavations (shipwrecks, amphora, etc.). On the rest of the isle, walkers can enjoy ambling along the lanes bordered by eucalyptus, and the many signposted paths which criss-cross the island. Signposts provide details to the inquisitive about the island’s flora and fauna. As for bathers, they have the following choices: sandy or rocky beaches; the famous "flat rocks" or small coves... There is something for everybody.

The second island, "île Saint Honorat" is home to a community of Cistercian monks in the Lérins Abbey. Visitors may attend some services and discover the products made by the monks. Another place to see: the fortified monastery. Built in the Eleventh Century, this historic building is an excellent example of the architecture of the Middle Ages. In addition to the fortifications, you can see the two cannonball furnaces at either end of the island.


There is golf, tennis and every kind of water sport, including diving. The seabed in this bay has an abundance of flora and fauna. You can also visit the shipwrecks...


The town of Cannes is located on the Côte d’Azur in the Alpes-Maritimes.
A few kilometres from Mandelieu la Napoule, it is near the protected Esterel Massif which is recognisable by its red rock. Off to the East, there is the town of Nice and the Principality of Monaco. The Italian border is only around 60 kms away, with towns such as Ventimiglia and San Remo. In the hills inland from Cannes lies the town of Grasse, the world capital of perfume.

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Pantiero Festival
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Maire de Cannes (canton de Cannes (3 cantons)) : Monsieur BROCHAND Bernard.
City population : 68214 inhabitants.
Contact information :
1 place Bernard Cornut-Gentile, BP 140, 06400 CANNES
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