photo Massif Tanneron – Mimosa Route

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photo Massif Tanneron – Mimosa Route

photo Massif Tanneron – Mimosa Route

photo Massif Tanneron – Mimosa Route

photo Massif Tanneron – Mimosa Route

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Escapade Massif Tanneron – Mimosa Route


Forcerie Vial
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Forcerie Augier
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"Massif Tanneron"
How about setting off on a sun-filled getaway from Mandelieu la Napoule for a little wander into the Pays de Fayence, at the heart of the Massif Tanneron to discover, especially between January and March when it’s in full bloom, the Mimosa flower - our winter flower. On the RD92 giving wonderful views of the coastline, the Îles de Lérins, Cannes and the peaks of the Alps, you will enter the forest of Mimosa trees in the heart of the Massif de l'Esterel and the Tanneron.


" beautiful views of the coastline"
Located on the lower slopes of Tanneron and facing the sea, one can discover the state-owned Grand Duc forest, managed by the NFB, which tops between 250m and 475m. Tracks and trails offer beautiful views of the coastline and a rich forest flora unique to this area which is actually included in the list of natural heritage sites as an area of ecological interest.


"Forceries de mimosa"
In the small village of Tanneron, located at the heart of the region of the same name, just push open the door of the charming medieval chapel overlooking the village and whose terrace offers a splendid panoramic view. The Mimosa is the village’s main resource so let’s take this opportunity to visit a typical Mimosa forcing house, that of the Vial family for example, which also offers honey-tasting and homemade products. The visit is free; you’ll also discover a greenhouse with citrus and there are Mimosas on sale. One can also find the forcing house of Mimosa Augier, created in 1926 where 4 successive generations cultivated the symbolic flower of the Cote d'Azur; once again, we discover the technique of forcing in very sunny plantations.


"remarkable view"
Before leaving the Tanneron site, stop off at the Hamlet of Marjoris, offering a remarkable view of Lake St. Cassien located about ten miles away. On the way back to Mandelieu on the RD38, itself a winding road with beautiful views over the oak, Mimosas and eucalyptus forests, as well as the Siagne Valley, why not stop at the shores Lake St Cassien for a drink and relaxing break?

Valérie Pellegrini

03 Février 2016 - Berengere

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