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Escapade On horseback above Nice


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Promenades and treks on horseback

Just a few kilometres outside of Nice lays the equestrian centre of Tourette-Levens, offering a novel activity: horse riding treks.

Located just inside the village’s territory, the equestrian centre is managed by Emélie who runs mid-mountain promenades and treks for horse-riders of all levels, including beginners.

Treks start with preparing the horses. Emélie breeds Mérens, because of their calm and strength, a race native to Ariège. Once you have got to know your horse, we head off!!

The group promenade follows a trail which gradually leads all the way up to the summit, which takes about an hour to reach. The view from up there is magnificent. You can see the village of Falicon below and the city of Nice and the sea further in the distance. Finally, we gently make our descent back to the equestrian centre.

Tourrette-Levens and its château

After the horse-riding promenade, make time to visit the village of Tourrette-Levens which is close by. The village, dominated by its château dating back to the middle Ages, has a mountain décor.

This old village has clusters of pretty houses and narrow refreshing lanes and truly delightful squares. A cobbled path starts close to the old village and climbs up to the château. The ascent is lined with little fountains and old stone houses. Right at the top is the château tower, unique in the area as it is houses a butterfly museum with a collection of over 70,000 specimens.

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If you get hungry:
If all these discoveries give you an appetite, the Auberge de Lucien restaurant is on hand in the Place de la Mairie. Built in the ancient Provencal style, Auberge de Lucien boasts beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, and the cuisine is unpretentious and tasty.

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Vraiment GÉNIAL!!!
Les chevaux sont très gentille et expert, les montagnes et la vue magnifique et les gens très sympa
À faire absolument ??????
Evaluation : 4/4
Merci à Émilie pour cette superbelade le dimanche 1 Mars 2015,nous étions 8 cavaliers, une très bonne ambiance, le soleil était présent et des vues à couper le souffle, des cheveaux magnifiques qui passent tous les obstacles sans problème, que du bonheur, quand à l'intendance, des très bons produits et la pissaladiere une merveille!! à la prochaine!! Cordialement Jean Claude
Evaluation : 4/4
Pratiqué une journée de rando le samedi 2 juin 2012 et je suis pleinement satisfait.
Ballade à des rythmes variée en toute sécurité. Je le referai.
Evaluation : 4/4

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