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Cap d'Ail

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"Retracing the Belle Époque years by the sea"
The seaside resort of Cap d'Ail's real debut was in the 1900s; before then it been part of the farming commune of Turbie. However, after 1880, when the road between Nice and Monaco fully opened, Cap d'Ail's renown and attractions increased.
Cap d'Ail's heyday lasted from the 1900s to 1940. Famous people used to frequent it, and those who appreciated the increasing value of the resort built magnificent villas there. These famous names included cinematographers, the Lumière brothers, novelist, Sidonie-Gabrille Colette, author, Sacha Guitry, followed in 1945 by Greta Garbo and Winston Churchill.
Today, we can return to those glory days on our getaway along the Cap d'Ail coastal road.


"Blue tides, green highlights and architectural riches"
We will drive through a quarter of Monaco called Fontvieille, park by the Marquet beach, and embark on our 3.5km walk that leads to the La Mala beach.
The whole length of the maintained promenade is full of Mediterranean and exotic plants; we will go past the Douaniers Point, the only volcanic cliffs in the department; and walk past the gardens and villa frontages of the Mala quarter.
The walk is peppered with entertaining plaques that give information on the local treasures and flora.
Equipped picnic areas have been provided for eating, not to mention the numerous restaurants in the Pinède quarter.


"a green and culinary stop overlooking the sea"
Along the coastal road we are following, we will reach Douaniers Point, also called Flower Cape. The point, a small plateau, can also be reached by car from the Lower Corniche road that goes through the middle of Cap d'Ail. Parking spaces are available on the grounds by the “Cabanon”, or cottage.
This ancient cottage, made of rushes, was built by someone who clearly loved the tranquillity and beauty of its surrounding. It stood abandoned for some time, but has since been renovated and transformed into a charming bar and restaurant that includes a terrace overlooking the waves below. It opens at 9am for romantic breakfasts.
There is a pétanque court and play area for children close by.


In order to reach La Mala beach, we briefly leave the coastal road to follow a rock face that leads us down to the beach hidden among the rocks below.
To head back in the direction of the town centre we climb the “Solitude” Steps that lead to the Sacha Guitry garden.
The garden is a real green oasis of calm and entry is free. It is right by the sea, next to the villa that belonged to the author.
The garden is filled with various trees and Mediterranean plants – the perfect place to walk, read and think in.
The Cap d'Ail Tourism Office offers guided tours of the coastal road so that you can discover the Belle Époque villas and Mediterranean plant-life of the area.

OT CAP D'AIL - Tél 04 93 78 02 33
Cap d'Ail

LE CABANON - Tél 04 93 78 01 94

Valérie Pellegrini

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