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1864 : Recognition of the International Red Cross

On August 22, 1864, the first Geneva Convention was signed by 12 states. This agreement decided on the fate of the wounded on the battlefield and the recognition of the intervention of the International Red Cross in a neutral and nonpartisan basis. The emblem of the medical personnel in time of war was adopted: it was an inverted Swiss flag in honor of the nationality of the creator of the organization, Jean-Henri Dunant.

1922 : Michael Collins murdered

On August 22, 1922, the Irish revolutionary Michael Collins was assassinated by Irish extremists. Member of Sinn Fein, Michael Collins was one of the fathers of the independence of Ireland. He led the Irish Volunteers, who would later become the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and was one of the architects of the peace treaty with the United Kingdom. At the time of his death he was a member of the first government of the Irish Free State.

1944 : Kedros massacre in Crete

On August 22, 1944, Wehrmacht soldiers razed several villages around Mount Kedros in Crete. 164 people were killed.

1962 : De Gaulle saved by his DS

On August 22, 1962, President de Gaulle is saved by the suspension system of the DS in an attack against him by the OAS. While traveling to Orly De Gaulle was attacked by 12 men of the OAS who opened fire on his car. Two bodyguards were killed, but the unique Citroën suspension system allowed the driver to continue his journey in spite of skids.

1992 : Andrew hit the Bahamas

On August 22, 1992, Category 4 Hurricane Andrew hit the Bahamas. He became a Category 5 Hurricane with winds up to 340km/h when it hit the coast of Florida two days later. It killed 65 people and destroyed 25,000 homes. Damage amounted to $35 billion.

Citazione del giorno : 22 Agosto

Charles de Gaulle
I respect only those who resist me, but I cannot tolerate them.

Compleanni : 22 Agosto

Denis Papin, Fisico francese (1647)
Claude Debussy, Compositore francese (1862)
Alexander Bogdanov, Erudito russo (1873)
Dorothy Parker, Scrittrice americana (1893)
Deng Xiaoping, Politico cinese (1904)
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Fotografo francese (1908)
Julius J. Epstein, Sceneggiatore americano (1909)
Ray Bradbury, Scrittore americano (1920)
Micheline Presle, Attrice francese (1922)
Ivry Gitlis, Violinista israeliano (1922)
Honor Blackman, Attrice inglese (1925)
Pierrette Bruno, Attrice francese (1930)
Gerald P. Carr, Astronauta americano (1932)
Norman Schwarzkopf, Generale americano (1934)
Valerie Harper, Attrice americana (1939)
Erol Gelenbe, Informatico turco (G-network) (1945)
Chiranjeevi, Attore indiano (1955)
Roland Orzabal, Musicista inglese (Tears for Fears) (1961)
Debbi Peterson, Musicista americana (The Bangles) (1961)
Tori Amos, Cantante americana (1963)
Mats Wilander, Tennista svedese (1964)
Ty Burrell, Attore americano (1967)
Alfred Gough, Sceneggiatore americano (Charlie's Angels, Smallville, Hannah Montana...) (1967)
Richard Armitage, Attore inglese (1971)
Sheree Murphy, Attrice inglese (1975)
Laura Breckenridge, Attrice americana (1983)

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Konoe, Imperatore del Giappone (1155)
Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Pittore francese (1806)
Xianfeng, Imperatore della Cina (1861)
Kate Chopin, Scrittrice americana (1904)
Michael Collins, Leader rivoluzionario irlandese (1922)
Roger Martin du Gard, Scrittore francese, premio Nobel per la letteratura (1958)
Juscelino Kubitschek, Presidente del Brasile (1956-1961) (1976)
Jomo Kenyatta, Padre fondatore della nazione keniota, presidente del Kenya (1964–1978) (1978)
Colleen Dewhurst, Attrice canadese (1991)
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