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622 : Prophet Muhammad completes his Hijra

On 24 September 622, the creator of the new religion called Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, ended his journey from Mecca to Medina or Hijrah, he had undertaken with his followers to escape persecution because of his convictions. In Medina, Muhammad established a theocratic government and extended his power throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

1852 : Giffard's airship travels 27 km

On September 24, 1852, French engineer Henri Giffard successfully made his first controlled flight on a airship, powered by a steam injector, from Paris to Trappes (27 km).

1906 : Devils Tower became the first U.S. National Monument

On September 24, 1906, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed the creation of the first U.S. National Monument: Devils Tower, monolith located in the Black Hills, in northeastern Wyoming. The monument was highlighted in the Steven Spielberg film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

1988 : Ben Johnson wins (temporarily) the 100m gold at the Olympic Games in Seoul

On September 24, 1988, the Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson won the gold medal in the 100m Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, with a time of 9.79 seconds. He lost his medal three days later, after being tested positive for anabolic steroids.

Novità del giorno : 24 Settembre

La Mercè in Barcelona
September 24 is La Mercè in Barcelona. These are votive feast that are celebrated the week that includes September 24. Many cultural events, balls and fireworks displays take place this week.
Independance Day in Guinea-Bissau
September 24 is Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau which celebrates its independence gaines against Portugal on September 24, 1973.

Citazione del giorno : 24 Settembre

F. Scott Fitzgerald
You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.

Compleanni : 24 Settembre

William Adams, Navigatore inglese (1564)
Johan de Witt, Politico olandese (1625)
Arthur Guinness, Birraio irlandese (1803)
Georges Claude, Inventore francese (illuminazione al neon) (1870)
Franklin Clarence Mars, Fondatore della società Mars (barrette di cioccolato, M&M's) (1883)
André Frédéric Cournand, Medico francese, Premio Nobel per la Fisiologia e Medicina (1895)
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Scrittore americano (1896)
Howard Florey, Batteriologo australiano, Premio Nobel per la Fisiologia e Medicina (1898)
Ruhollah Khomeini, Leader religioso e politico iraniano (1902)
Jean Servais, Attore belgo (1910)
Konstantin Chernenko, 5o Segretario generale del Partito Comunista dell'Unione Sovietica (1911)
Richard Bong, Pilota da caccia americano (1920)
John Young, Astronauta americano (1930)
John Brunner , Scrittore inglese (1934)
Yves Navarre, Scrittore francese (1940)
Linda McCartney, Cantante e fotografo americana (1941)
Pedro Almodóvar, Regista spagnolo (1949)
Kevin Sorbo, Attore americano (1958)
John Logan, Sceneggiatore americano (1961)
Megan Ward, Attrice americana (1969)
Peter Salisbury, Batterista inglese (The Verve) (1971)
Jessica Lucas, Attrice canadese (1985)
Kyle Sullivan, Attore americano (1988)

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Paul-Jacques Bonzon, Scrittore francese (1978)
Patsy Kelly, Attrice americana (1981)
Bruno Pontecorvo, Fisico italiano e spia sovietico (1993)
Barry Bishop, Alpinista americano (1994)
Françoise Sagan, Scrittrice francese (2004)
Tommy Bond, Attore americano (2005)
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