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Aioli Cod (Plat)

aioli cod



4 People

• 4 slabs of cod 150 g
• 1 bunch of carrots
• 400g new potatoes
• 3 cloves garlic
• 1 egg yolk
• 1/2 teaspoon mustard
• 15cl of olive oil
• Salt and pepper

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Aioli cod

- Remove the carrots just scraped and brushed the potatoes in the basket of a steamer. Cook ten minutes.

- Wrap each pad of cod in a baking sheet. Place in the steamer over the vegetables and cook another ten minutes.

Preparation of the aioli: Peel the garlic and squeeze over a bowl. Add egg yolk and mustard. Mix well and pour the oil in net, turning as if to make a mayonnaise. Salt and pepper to his liking.

- Present the aioli with the cobblestones of cod seasoned with sea salt and accompanied by steamed vegetables.

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Aioli cod
Très saine et bonne recette, avec ou sans moutard.
Evaluation : 5/5
Martha Saavedra
Aioli cod
Un scandale !!! Une honte!!! Dans un vrai aïoli on ne met jamais de la moutarde C?est bon pour la mayonnaise
Evaluation : 0/5

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