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four level sandwich nicois style

For four sandwiches:

20 slices of sandwich loaves

a box of tuna

150grs of black and green olives

2 peppers

2 tomatoes

4 leaves of salad

1 small cucumber

3 boiled eggs

3 large spoonfuls of mayonnaise

chervil, tarragon

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Four level sandwich nicois style

Grill the bread a little bit. Spread butter on one side.

Put a leaf of salad on the first slice of bread, recover it with mayonnaise. Add tuna, cut the olives and put them on top of this first level. Put the second slice of bread over the first.

Cut the cucumber into thin rounds. Put mayonnaise on the surface of the bread, add slices of cucumber. On the third slice of bread put mayonnaise, tomatoes and eggs, both of them cut into rounds. Cut the peppers into thin stripes.spread some butter on the fourth slice of bread, some mayonnaise, add a bit of thinly chopped chervil, tarragon and pepper.
Cover with the last slice of bread then press it between two flat plates for 30 minutes.

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Four level sandwich nicois style
L'idée est très bonne... Mais cela fait un peu trop avec mayo et beurre.. meilleur remplacés avec du pesto (ou meme de l'anchoïade pour la partie thon).
Evaluation : 3/5

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